Three Benefits Of Wall Sconces

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Three Benefits Of Wall Sconces

5 July 2022
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The right lighting fixtures can have a significant impact on the look and feel of your home, so it's important to be discerning when you shop. You'll want to visit a lighting store that carries a large inventory, as this will make it easy for you to find fixtures that suit both the look of your home and your budget. Most lighting stores have a wall sconce section, with all sorts of different fixtures that mount to the wall inside of your home. You may be looking to replace some existing wall sconces, or perhaps you're keen on using a wall sconce for the first time. Here are three benefits of this type of fixture.

Doesn't Take Up Space

While there are advantages of using floor and table lamps, a drawback to either of these products is that they take up space on either your floor or a surface in your home. For example, when you place a table lamp on a small table, there may be minimal other room to use for storing other items. If a room is on the smaller side, you might feel reluctant to dedicate your valuable floor space to a floor lamp because it may create a cluttered feel. Wall sconces are ideal because they don't take up floor or table/shelf space. Instead, they mount to your wall—using space that you otherwise aren't using.

Tidy Appearance

Some people like how wall sconces have a tidy appearance. When you install this type of light, you connect it directly to the wires in the wall. The result is that there are no wires that are visible. Some other types of lights have wires that run between them and the nearest power outlet. For example, with table and floor lamps, you'll have to get used to seeing cords laying on the floor. If you value the things in your home having as tidy of an appearance as possible, you may gravitate toward wall sconces.

Difficult To Damage

Wall sconces can be desirable because they're difficult to damage. The manner in which they're securely fastened to the wall means that it's highly unlikely for anyone to inadvertently knock a sconce to the floor and break it. Other lights may not be as lucky. For example, a child or pet could trip on the cord of a table lamp and pull the lamp off the table, causing it to break. Visit a lighting retailer—such as JDL INC—to browse its wall sconces for sale.