Three Benefits Of Using Elevator Wall Pads

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Three Benefits Of Using Elevator Wall Pads

26 June 2023
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If you manage a residential building that has an elevator, one product that you'll want to think about buying is a set of elevator wall pads. These pads are available in several sizes, allowing you to choose a set that properly fits the interior of your elevator. Hanging from the upper walls and covering everything except for the elevator's panel of buttons, these heavy-duty pads are valuable when tenants are moving in and out of your building. There are several good reasons to buy wall pads for your elevator, including the following.

Protection Of The Elevator

A tenant's move-in or move-out day can often cause damage to the elevator, even if the client isn't behaving recklessly. They'll load the elevator with several large and hard objects, some of which can occasionally shift or topple over and damage the interior of this space. A heavy piece of furniture could cause a scratch or dent in the side of the elevator, for example. This type of issue can leave you with not only an expensive repair bill, but also with the inconvenience of having a repair crew work on the elevator. If damage occurs several times a year, you might be surprised at how much you spend annually on repair projects. Wall pads will go a long way toward protecting the elevator from damage, helping you to save money.

Injury Prevention

Elevator wall pads may also lower the risk of a tenant sustaining an injury in your building's elevator. Many elevators have mirrored panels on at least one of the walls. If a heavy object were to hit the mirror and shatter it, sharp pieces of glass could potentially cause an injury to someone in the elevator. As a building manager, you not only want your tenants to be safe, but you also want to avoid situations of liability. Soft pads that cover the mirrored panels can eliminate the risk of a breakage that causes injury.

Better Appearance

When a prospective tenant visits your building for a tour, you want everything to look as pristine as possible. If the elevator is covered in scratches and dents, this can be something that a prospective tenant notices. They may feel that your building doesn't have the level of upkeep that they're looking for, and may think twice about renting a unit. Using elevator pads should help to keep the interior of your elevator looking like new, which will be better for your current and prospective guests alike.

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