Order These Promotional Products To Give To Dog Owners

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Order These Promotional Products To Give To Dog Owners

15 December 2022
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Many dog owners love buying a wide range of items for their pets. If your company is looking for a unique promotional item to hand out and you know that some of your clientele will be keen on receiving items for their dogs, you might wish to order a few different dog-specific things. Large companies that specialize in promotional products often have a vast array of pet items, so you can browse what's available and choose one or more things to customize and order. Here are some promotional items that dog owners will be excited to receive. 

Collapsible Bowl

A lot of dog owners carry collapsible bowls when they're away from home with their pets. This accessory comes in handy on long walks and hikes, as well as car trips. The compact nature of this bowl means that it won't take up a lot of space when people are out and about, which makes it a popular dog accessory. Many promotional product companies can customize collapsible dog bowls. Your name and logo can appear in one or more places on the bowl, including on the size and bottom. You may wish to order collapsible bowls in several different sizes to accommodate people who have different sizes of dogs.

Collar Light

When people are busy at work and don't get home until dinner time, they're often forced to walk their dogs after dark. Many dog owners are conscientious about ensuring the visibility of their pet, and a good way to do so is with a light affixed to its collar. This is another handy item that you can customize and give out as a promotional device. Collar lights have a clear case that is tinted in any number of colors with an LED light inside. You can get your branding information printed on the clear case so that it will be visible to the owner whenever they reach for this accessory.

Waste Bag Holder

Rather than try to remember to put a new dog waste bag in their pocket before each walk, many owners favor clipping a waste bag holder to the handle of their dog's leash. This device holds a roll of waste bags and ensures that a new bag is always easy to grab. A waste bag holder is another accessory to customize. You can choose a bright color and have your logo appear on one side with your website on the other side.

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