4 Signs That You Need to Replace Your Xerox Premium Toner Cartridge

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4 Signs That You Need to Replace Your Xerox Premium Toner Cartridge

13 April 2022
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To a large extent, how often you need a replacement of your Xerox premium drum unit toner cartridge depends on how you use your printer. If you print many documents with different design options, you'll need frequent refills. At the same time, if you print infrequently, the toner will not deplete quickly. So, how can you tell that it's time to replace your Xerox premium toner cartridge? Watch out for the signs below.

The Printer Warns You or Loses Other Functions

A printer notification is the most obvious sign that you need a replacement toner cartridge. Normally, the printer flickers or blinks, and you can only get a few excellent prints before the quality diminishes. At times, you can't print at all, and even if you do, you may notice spots and low coverage on paper.

Also, you can no longer use the scanner and fax when your toner gets low. That translates to fewer printer functions for your business. The viable option is to get a replacement Xerox premium drum unit toner cartridge.

The Toner Coverage Is Low

If you are keen on how your printer prints, you can tell when:

  • Papers have uneven prints

  • The printer doesn't print all required areas

  • The sharpness and crispiness of the letters have reduced

If you notice any of the above events, your Xerox premium drum unit toner cartridge is empty or close to empty. Please get a replacement toner cartridge to get your printer back to normal quality operations.

The Rated Yield and Shelf Life Are Close

Printer manufacturers rate the primary cartridge life in pages. For instance, a cartridge rated to yield 4,000 pages lasts approximately 4,000 pages. Also, many cartridges have an expected life span and expiration dates. The chemicals in the toner break down with time. So, as you consider the page yield, you'll require a replacement Xerox premium drum unit toner cartridge before it goes past its shelf life.

The Toner Spots and Clumps on the Pages

When the toner cartridge is almost empty, small amounts of toner that are still available could form spots and clumps. As a result, you'll notice streaks across the paper when you print. You could remove your Xerox premium drum unit toner cartridge from your printer and then shake it to settle the toner evenly. You can still use your printer for a few days as you buy more replacement toner cartridges.


Have you noticed any of the signs discussed above? Well, your cartridge could be empty or almost empty. Please don't wait until you completely run out of your Xerox premium drum unit toner cartridge before you purchase a replacement. Always stay prepared to ensure high-quality prints for your business. Only go for a trusted supplier when it is time to purchase a replacement toner cartridge.